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Our support group is now in the financial position where it is able to help members with one-off funding so that sufferers can live safely with the condition. e.g. safety helmets, seizure alarms and non-suffocating pillows etc.

You can apply for a grant using the information below. Once we have received your grant request it will be considered at the next committee meeting. If successful an amount will be agreed. This could be total or part payment. The committee will then write to the member with the decision and ask if this is acceptable. A cheque will be sent following this letter.

Please note: The committee will not be responsible for buying or installing any equipment. That is for the member to organise. The committee will not be held responsible for any problems occurring as a result of the donation.

Members can apply for a grant via Email, in writing or over the phone. Alternatively the form below can be used. Applications must include the reason for the support, the amount and why support is not available from other sources



01268 697254 (Daytime)
01702 710354 (Evenings)


The SEEESG Committee
34 Larup Avenue
Canvey Island



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